Billy Graham Weighs In

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Though the venerable Christian evangelist Billy Graham is in his twilight years and semi-retired (his famous ministry is largely run by his son now), he still has time to answer concerned letters regarding religious Witchcraft.

“…if they are like other groups I’ve heard about, they probably take their beliefs very seriously. I have often asked myself why people like this turn their backs on Christianity and embrace something that is almost the exact opposite. Some, I know, do this because they’ve had a bad experience with a church, or they have become disillusioned by what they’ve seen of Christians. Others simply like to be unconventional, and this is one way of showing that they reject traditional values and ways of living. But others turn to groups like this because down inside they sense that something is missing in their lives, and they hope this will fill that empty place…”

Notice the difference between his answer, and the rantings of people like Laura Mallory, who recently weighed in on the peril of religious Witchcraft in the newspapers. While Graham obviously thinks modern Paganism is the wrong way to go, he doesn’t question the sincerity of our beliefs, or that many of us arrived at them due to bad experiences with other Christians or with a particular Church. The fact that a former firebrand such as Graham seems so “moderate” today speaks to the ongoing breakdown of civility and dialog in our culture.