Laura Mallory in Court Today

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The now infamous anti-Harry Potter crusader Laura Mallory (who may or may not have a MySpace page) is in the news once more as the Gwinnett Superior Court hears her case against the school her children attend.

“Mallory is scheduled to appear in Gwinnett Superior Court Tuesday morning to argue the “Potter” stories are harmful and promote witchcraft and the occult to young people. Supporters of the “Potter” books say they encourage children to read and should be available to all students. Since she launched her anti-Potter crusade in 2005, Mallory has taken her case to administrators at the Loganville elementary school her children attend; to a school appeals committee; to the Gwinnett County Board of Education; and to the Georgia Board of Education. She’s lost at each level.”

Mallory (who still claims to have never read the books), eagerly shows why the press still loves (to hate) covering this conservative Christian underdog.

“Some parents who’ve heard about the controversy in the media, now, instead of taking Harry Potter at face value, they’ve started looking into the effects of it … Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to raise a whole generation of witches, I don’t think it’s good for our country.”

Quotes like this (conveniently timed with the release of a new Harry Potter book and movie) don’t debunk my theory that she is actually a brilliant performance artist. But even if she is the simple and sincere mother she paints herself as, this crusade does more to spread the gospel of Harry Potter than any ad campaign could. So grab some popcorn (if were lucky I’ll update later today with a verdict) and lets see how long her mad campaign will last. If her promise to go “as far as necessary” holds true I may be covering her exploits until she faces the Supreme Court.

Update: Laura Mallory has lost again, maintaining her perfect losing streak. Mallory claims she “may” take the case to federal court, no doubt funded by conservative culture warriors.