Soap Features Brazilian Wiccans in Ireland

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  February 12, 2007 — Leave a comment

It isn’t just America that likes to feature Witches on television. Proving perhaps that Brazil is a bit more daring in most areas of life, Brazilian company Globo Television is shooting a new Irish-Brazilian soap opera featuring a trio of Wiccans.

Malu Mader, Maria Flor, and Fernanda Vasconcellos as three Irish Witches

“Provisionally called Eterna Magia (Magic Eternal) the plot will centre on a provincial town in the Forties and Fifties, and will tell the story of the Sullivan sisters, who are three witches that support the Wicca religion – thus the Celtic connection … The story will also deal with historical Irish emigration to Brazil, where many families of Irish descent still live … “Ireland was chosen because of its rich history of witches and Celtic people. The country has important characteristics to be introduced to Brazilian public,” said the spokesperson.”

A Portuguese Wikipedia entry on the soap delivers a cast list, and some further plot developments. Involving, of course, a romantic interest from all three sisters in the same man!

“[The soap] will [tell] the history of three pretty sisters: Eva, Mariana and Sarah Sullivan, followers of the religion of Wicca. They could be happy, if they did not have a great problem: they are all passionate for the same man. [The] history of the soap will be inspired by Wicca, one of the traditions of the witches, and unfolds itself around a perfume store/factory, where most of the characters will work.”

Here is what the writer of the soap, Elizabeth Jhin, explains as her motivations behind the ambitious television show.

“My intention is to make a novel that speaks of magic, therefore always I was interested myself for the subject. Moreover, I believe that we need a good dose of dream and fancy”.

The real question now is, how does one get to see this program in America?

Jason Pitzl-Waters