More Witchy Wife Swap

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It seems my Quixotic efforts to stem the tide of Pagan involvement in reality television is bearing little fruit. At least the recent Witchcraft special on Tyra Banks or the upcoming “My Unique Family” special on The Learning Channel are somewhat novel. But why would a second Pagan family agree to appear on Wife Swap after the last (disastrous) time they spotlighted a Pagan family? Yes, despite making Pagans look like utter fools about a year ago, another batch of willing victims have stepped forward.

Why, yes, I am holding a fluffy bunny. What of it?

Why, yes, I am holding a fluffy bunny. What of it?

“Washington state is the home of the Sweany-Ernst family, where Laura (42) her husband, Carol (54), and their three boys, Sterling (14), Dane (11) and Cameron (8), perform pagan rituals, talk to vegetables and trees and pride themselves on treading lightly on Mother Earth. Laura’s spiritual life as a “green witch” inspires every decision she makes, from consulting her oracle cards to asking for guidance from the “fairy realm.” She believes that corporate sponsored sports are evil and parents who live their dreams through their kids are lost.”

You know the drill. The “green witch” who thinks motocross racing “desecrates the earth” is swapped with a motocross racing mom. Hilarity (and requisite tears) ensue. A local Daytona Beach paper actually did a follow-up story on the motocross family, the mom said that even though she had fun she wouldn’t do it again “in 100 years”.

It seems that the “Witch” is becoming a stock character for these reality programs. Which I suppose you could say proves that either modern Paganism has “arrived” as a part of the accepted mainstream of American life (albeit on the fringes), or that reality television is running out of ideas (or both). In any case, it seems like these stories aren’t “news” anymore, so I’m going to try to ignore the next reality show featuring a Witch that comes down the pike. At least that is what I keep telling myself.