International Year of Polytheism!

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Did you know that 2007 was the international year of polytheism? The Austrian “art-technology-philosophy” group known as Monochrom has launched a new pro-polytheism site as a philosophical backdrop to this year’s roster of happenings and art installations.

“The “International Year Of Polytheism” (powered by monochrom) wants to overcome the epoch of the monotheistic worldviews (and its derivatives such as “The West” and “The Arab World”) through the reconstruction of a polytheistic multiplicity in which countless gods and goddesses will eventually neutralize each other. Polytheism is democracy, Monotheism a dictatorship, even in its pseudo-secular form. Freed from the servitude of monotheism and the fraternal strife of the trinity, the world would be redeemed in a chaotic baptism of multiplicity. Besides, we believe that polytheism is the most suitable form of religion for a modern, dynamic and cosmopolitan young culture. Improve your C.V. with polytheism. Create your own heavens and hells. Or try it out yourself with our special Gods/Goddesses trial subscription. Our qualified operators are standing by to take your calls!”

The events so far have included the symbolic liberation of Barium Nitrate, and premature burial as a field trial for near-death activities. The site also informs you of the hidden dangers of monotheism. Further events are being planned.

Premature Burial As A Field Trial For Near Death Activities

We here at “The Wild Hunt” fully support the International Year of Polytheism (we romantically believe that every year is the International Year of Polytheism), and we look forward to future commemorative events. Perhaps Monochrom’s strident sense of fun and adventure in promoting the virtues of polytheism will spread to certain Pagan groups (who shall always remain nameless) who have forgotten why we rejected monotheism in the first place. Remember, the number of the Beast is One!