Robert Anton Wilson 01/18/32 – 01/11/07

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  January 11, 2007 — 1 Comment

“Please pardon my levity, I don’t see how to take death seriously. It seems absurd.”Robert Anton Wilson, 01/06/07

Famed underground philosopher, author, mystic, and underground visionary Robert Anton Wilson passed away this morning in his home. Wilson had been suffering with post-polio syndrome for the past few years and was receiving in-home hospice care.

Robert Anton Wilson

Wilson is perhaps best-known for his work on “The Illuminatus! Trilogy” with co-author Robert Shea. The books incorporated elements of Discordianism, conspiracy theory, magick, and various 60s counterculture references to create a “fairytale for paranoids”. Since then Wilson published several books exploring philosophy, science, and religion. Most notably his “Cosmic Trigger” series. RAW’s blog has posted this final message from his care-givers.

“Robert Anton Wilson Defies Medical Experts and leaves his body @4:50 AM on binary date 01/11. All Hail Eris! On behalf of his children and those who cared for him, deepest love and gratitude for the tremendous support and lovingness bestowed upon us.”

A memorial is being planned for February.

Addendum: From RU Sirius:

“Robert Anton Wilson taught us all that “the universe contains a maybe.” So maybe there is an afterlife, and maybe Bob’s consciousness is hovering around all of us who were touched by his words and his presence all these years. And if that’s the case, I’m sure he’d like to see you do something strange and irreverent – and yet beautiful – in his honor.”

Jason Pitzl-Waters