Idiot of the Year?

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Washington Post columnist Emil Steiner gives out his “Idiot of the Year Awards” for 2006. The winner? Why none other than Laura Mallory of Loganville, Georgia, who made the news several times this year in her attempts to ban Harry Potter novels from the local school library on account of them “leading” children to Wicca.

“2006 Idiot of the Year: Laura Mallory, of Loganville, Georgia. This vigilant mother of four has demanded local schools remove Harry Potter from their libraries because, in her analysis, the books are an “evil” attempt to indoctrinate children in Wicca religion. Congratulations Laura, and good luck on your quest to eradicate the dark forces which pollute children’s literature.”

Where once columnists and pundits were willing to “debate” the issue of Harry Potter and the occult, it truly has evolved into an issue that merits only scorn for any who are foolish enough to believe that these books lead people to Paganism. While Mallory most likely won’t be the last “idiot” to take up this cause, she might be the last one to get any real attention from the mainstream press. Mallory is currently “thinking about” a court appeal, lets hope that the fact she is getting all the wrong sorts of attention makes her reluctant to seek out more.