How to Really Engage in the Christmas Wars

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  December 7, 2006 — 1 Comment

Chris Holt of the Stanford Daily vents his spleen over the Bill O’Reilly/John Gibson fueled “War on Christmas” (which seems blessedly muted this year) and lays out the Pagan counter-attack!

“I’d love to see people try to take back winter for the solstice and instead of caroling, going door to door and singing songs about converting people to paganism. Maybe change the words of some Christmas carols: “Joy to the Druids” and “The Sun God is Coming to Town.” Light the holiday straw goat on fire and you’ve got yourself an effective way to offend pretty much everyone. My point is: Culture warriors like to overlook the fact that other people have holidays around this time and that maybe, just maybe, businesses are hedging their bets by saying ‘Happy Holidays.'”

Some Pagans are prepared with the new Pagan-friendly lyrics already! You can find even more, here. And lest you think that whole straw-goat thing is a joke, people in Sweden really do that!

Jason Pitzl-Waters