Freya Aswynn Responds

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  November 30, 2006 — 2 Comments

About a week ago I reported on a case involving a disintegrating Pagan commune and accusations of possessing child pornography. Author Bernard King was accused of possession of child pornography after he left a computer he once owned in the possession of a child at the commune. Due to a witness changing testimony, the charges were dropped, but during the trial King accused commune founder (and Pagan author) Freya Aswynn of framing him.

“After his departure 5,518 pictures, some showing children having sex with adults, were found on a computer King gave to a fellow pagan’s teenage daughter. Police were called and King was arrested…King blamed Aswynn in court for downloading the porn.”

The other day, on my original post, Aswynn responded to King’s charges and gives her own side of the story.

“This is a long story, but I’ll keep it short. I categorically deny having put any child porn pictures on Bernard Kings computer or any other computer for that matter. The row referred to in the article did not erupt because of a replica gun. the subject of the row was over the ‘well being’ of a 8 year old girl named Aisha who was staying at the farm. This is a serious matter not brought up in court, suffice to say that the witness came to me with ‘a complaint’ against Bernard King which prompted me to force him out with the assistance of the police. No charges where brought as the child did not really came to any harm. After BK left pictures were indeed found on his computer, by the witness, I myself called the police. The witness named Tracy Lynn Wadman has a substantial criminal record involving her own child as a mule to transport cocaine from Jamaica to London she did six years, and I gave her a home once she was released of prison. She cooperated and supplied the police with evidence to roll up a Yardie gang in Harlesed in order to get a lighter sentence and therefore could not move back to London. She also tried to blackmail me two days before I left Stra’ven she wanted money of she would change her testimony. Anybody who want to talk about this further. my e-mail address…Consider the possibility that both me and Bernard King have been had. He would have done better to put his hands up, now he’ll be hounded for money for ever after.”

So were both King and Aswynn set up by this witness? Considering her (alleged) past, and the changing of testimony during the trial, there is the possibility that both authors have been played. In any case, I repeat my fervent wish that this was indeed some sort of vindictive stunt and not the case of a pedophile waking free. If any further statements or developments happen in this matter I’ll keep you posted. I thank Aswynn for coming forward to make a statement on the matter.

Jason Pitzl-Waters