Pagan Pride and Congregational Paganism

I just wanted to clear up some things from my last entry. I don’t have a problem with Pagans who want to build a congregational model. No one method of practice is going to please everyone and I can definitely see how a local church-style meeting could fulfill the spiritual needs of many modern Pagans. I’m just wondering if these actions within the UU context are an overt or subliminal move towards a congregational model.

Secondly, another commenter homed in on my primary concern. Are Pagan Pride events best served if held in a UU setting? I think there are some real concerns that this represents a step away from active engagement with the community and perhaps shows a (new?) tendency towards entrenchment. Obviously there are going to be issues of money and liability to consider, but is that the case for all the events being held in UU churches?

I plan to follow up on this with Pagan Pride organizers and gather some more data, so expect more on this soon.