Of Course Its A Christian Holiday…Really

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  September 18, 2006 — 4 Comments

Fearing that Halloween celebrations on October 31st are sliding irrevocably back towards Paganism, the Anglican Church is preparing this year with a new book to help Christian parents keep the holiday a holy day.

“Let’s make 31 October Better than Halloween. This new book provides lots of great ideas and resources for churches that want to create a positive experience for children that has the Light of the World at its centre.”Mary Hawes, National Children’s Officer, Church of England

The Rt Rev David Gillett Bishop of Bolton has sent letters to Britain’s supermarket chains in hopes that they will carry more “bright” merchandise to counteract the “dark” nature of the holiday.

“This year, I would like you to offer your customers a choice. Amongst your displays, I would like to see products that enable parents, teachers and children to choose a positive, alternative way to celebrate Halloween…we’ve worked on producing the guidance on creating lively, engaging events for children and young adults that will provide a real alternative to the recently imported ways of celebrating Halloween.”

Imported ways? I suppose he could be talking about the influence of consumerism on Halloween, in which case I fully agree. I say, let us return Halloween to its roots and return to celebrating the day as the Pagan high holiday of Samhain. We’ll give thanks and offering to the gods, our ancestors, and the mighty dead. While the Christians venerate the Saints we will dance around big bonfires, dress in costume, and participate in street festivals! The Christians have Christmas (and Easter) surely the fun-loving Pagans can have one public holiday.

Jason Pitzl-Waters