Will The Catholic Pardon The Pagan?

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In a final bid to halt his execution this evening, Michael Lenz (a member of the Nordic Pagan religion Asatru) has filed a last-minute petition to Virginia Governer Tim Kaine for clemency. Kaine, a centrist Democrat and faithful Catholic said during a radio talk-show that he is considering the appeal. In the past Kaine has made his deep personal misgivings about the death penalty, misgivings that stem from his Catholic faith, known. While he has allowed two executions to happen during his term as Governer, he has also delayed an execution to allow for extensive psychological testing.

Lenz is being put to death for the stabbing death of a fellow inmate during a religious ceremony. Will the Catholic pardon the Pagan? I guess we will find out tonight.

Update: Lenz was put to death by injection at Greensville Correctional Center. He was pronounced dead at 9:07 p.m. EDT