Triumphal Blunder

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  July 31, 2006 — 1 Comment

Earlier this month I reported on a Catholic radio station that had turned a former abortion clinic into a Catholic chapel. Here was the smug quote of triumphalism from Bishop Edward U. Kmiec of Buffalo on the chapel consecration.

“In the tradition of the early church, pagan temples were turned into holy spaces. We have done the same thing here today.”

But it turns out that the Catholic radio station was lying. Instead of it being an abortion clinic it was a retired ophthalmologist’s office, a Catholic retired ophthalmologist’s office.

“…Wright explained that the building’s previous owner informed him that abortions had been performed in the office. But Howard said she doesn’t know where Wright got that impression. “I’m shocked that he thought that,” she said. “If he’s under that assumption, he’s wrong.” The story has since appeared across the country through Catholic News Service, a wire service for Catholic press. The Howards are Catholic and wouldn’t have allowed abortions in their building, Mary Jane Howard said. “I can guarantee we never had an abortion clinic in that place,” said Dr. Howard, a retired ophthalmologist. Mary Jane Howard, who managed the property, said she was concerned that the story as presented by WLOF “casts aspersions on our character.” “It takes [the property] from a respected medical building, which it was, to something that’s a little bit sleazy,” she said.”

Oops. Looks like the radio station has some explaining to do, not only to their listening audience but to the Bishop who was convinced he was consecrating a “pagan” temple of abortion to the Catholic cause. But don’t hold your breath, the owners are sticking to their “abortion clinic” story.

“Nonetheless, Joanne Wright maintained that a “reliable source” told the Wrights that abortions had been performed in the office space. “We weren’t out to find out who, what or where,” she said. “We trust this reliable source,” whom she declined to identify.”

It looks like a triumphal attitude doesn’t need the truth any longer, just a unidentified “reliable source”.

Jason Pitzl-Waters