The Asatru Response

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Anyone interested in taking the discussion started yesterday on this blog about Asatru in (and out of) prison further should head over to Dave Haxton’s blog for the insiders perspective. Haxton critiques the critics poor grasping of Asatru theology both historically and in the present time.

“…could you point out any reference in our lore, ancient or modern, where my failure to engage in mortal combat in a frithstead will give me a “black mark” on my soul? While you’re at it, why don’t you show me the coherent Asatru conception of the soul – I know scholars who’ve been looking for it for years! I’ve stood blot and sumble with twits who surely deserved a good ass-kicking – and I’m sure the feeling was reciprocated. Yet somehow we never managed to engage in combat, mortal or otherwise, within a frithstead. Or even outside of one. Wanna know why? Because we’re not criminals!”

As I said in yesterdays entry, I thought the article should have spoken to more people within Asatru and relied less on outside “experts”. Once again, a reporter fell into the trap of providing “balance” from outsiders (some who have a hostile opinion on the religion) on issues of Pagan theology instead of going to the source.