Are You Involved in Wicca or Goth?

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If you happen to be sympathetic to the Wiccan religion or the goth subculture you may not be a fitting juror for the murder trial of Scott Dyleski. Dyleski is on trial for the murder of Pamela Vitale, wife of high-profile defense attorney Daniel Horowitz. Since Dyleski has been branded a “goth” and since an “occult” symbol (actually the Cross of Lorraine) was carved on Vitale’s back, the prosecution is looking to eliminate anyone who might be sympathetic to “darker” cultures.

“The prosecutor in the Scott Dyleski murder trial asked prospective jurors Friday whether they were familiar with or knew anyone who embraced the Goth culture or the Wicca religious movement…the discussion in Contra Costa Superior Court touched on good and bad witches, black and white magic and “the dark side,” in what could be key elements in the upcoming trial of Dyleski…”

Even dressing up for the local Renaissance Faire may be too “out there”.

“When a prospective juror told Jewett that he enjoyed role-playing in the form of dressing up like people did during the Renaissance, Jewett asked whether he did that because “you’re visiting the dark side.” The man said no. He and five other people were dismissed from serving on the jury…”

This attempt to weed out anyone who might hold allegiance to the “counter-culture” is both an insult to Wiccans and goths (two subcultures that are generally peaceful and law-abiding), and a twisting of the principles of being tried by a jury of one’s peers. If you pack the jury with people who think Pagans and people dressed all in black are freaks “visiting the dark side” then you may well find him guilty now.