They Do What???

In my ongoing, almost quixotic, coverage of the almost inevitably bad remake of “The Wicker Man” I present yet another thing I must swallow if I indeed intend to see this film in the theatres. A short interview with actor Edward Woodward who starred in the original film (and wisely turned down a cameo in the remake) gives away a vital nugget of information about the new isolated pagan cult in the film.

Nicolas Cage as Detective Edward Maulis

“The remake will be set in the US and in a change from the original movie, the pagan cult has been replaced by a society of women who cut out their men’s tongues. The film is set for release in September.”

Cut. Out. Their. Men’s. Tongues. That sound you hear is the last bit of hope that this movie will surprise me and surpass my already low expectations flushing down the toilet. Is this movie becoming some sort of anti-feminist screed? Did Neil LaBute enjoy portraying sexist pigs so much in “In the Company of Men”, that he decided to make them the heroes in this latest film?

What is certain is that any subtle exploration of a modern Pagan culture (and its conflicts with a dominantly Christian world) has been dropped in favor of horror-flick conventions and over the top telegraphed “statements”. This is a movie to miss at all costs if you liked the classic original at all.

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Jason Pitzl-Waters