A Date With Evil!

Today is June 6th, 2006. For some today is significantly important/evil, since the date can be read out as “6.6.6”, the number of The Beast in Revelations.

Many (infamous) people have had the position of “The Beast of Revelations” attributed to them, and some, like occultists Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons, encouraged being labeled as such. The number of “The Beast” is so infamous that mothers are trying to avoid giving birth on June 6th.

Today is the National Day of Slayer, in which participants are encouraged to play metal band Slayer full-blast in a variety of places. Hell, Michigan is having a big party, and The Church of Satan is holding a “Satanic High Mass” to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their founding (though some started partying the night before).

“For Satanists, numbers are just numbers, and June 6, 2006 is a day like any other. We are amused by Christians superstitiously being afraid of this number, as well as the date??which is not mentioned in any scriptures. Since we enjoy mocking irrationality in all its forms, we embraced this day to have a celebration of our organization’s freedom from such nonsensical fears. Anton Szandor LaVey called Satanism a “Cosmic Joy Buzzer” to emphasize our function as iconoclasts and pranksters, so going where others “fear to tread” is par for our course.”Magus Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest, Church of Satan

In addition to all that, the remake of “The Omen” opens today, and several musical artists took the opportunity to release new CDs on this date (including AFI, Deicide, and Eurovision winners Lordi). Finally, in Western astrology, the sun will be between the horns of Zodiac sign Taurus on this date. It is almost as if the universe itself is throwin’ the horns! While modern Pagans generally don’t believe in a manifestation of ultimate evil, it is fun to watch how our culture reacts to a supposedly “evil” number that may have only been a reference to the Roman Emperor Nero.