Politics and Druidism

Does making an environmental message film elevate you in the ranks of Druidism? Al Gore’s new film about climate change (aka global warming) “An Inconvenient Truth” has raised the ire of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (an energy lobby group). The group has started running ads to counter the films message, and the president of the organization has branded Gore as a potential Pagan leader.

“The movie is very alarmist. But it is a very well-produced film. I don’t think he’s running for president but he might be running for arch-Druid.”Fred L. Smith Jr., president and founder CEI

While this may seem like an insult to some, the last prominent environmentalist to be labeled an “Archdruid” was David R. Brower. Brower was the first Executive Director of The Sierra Club, and founded several environmental groups. During his lifetime he made huge gains for wilderness preservation including the effort to stop dam building in the Grand Canyon. So maybe being labeled as an “Archdruid” is exactly the title and legacy that Gore wants to pursue.