Wiccans and Satanists In Prison

An article in the Iowa newspaper, The Hawk Eye, gives a rare peek into the social dynamics of incarcerated modern Pagans. Reporter Jeff Abel interviews prison chaplain Lee Harder (a Baptist minister) about “occult” groups at his facility.

“They don’t worship in the same way, but there are Wiccans who attend The Church of Satan services. Which is odd because Wiccans don’t believe in Satan and Satanists don’t like other religions including Wicca. At their services, the Satanists mainly shout hail Satan a lot and talked about what’s wrong with other religions.” – Lee Harder

It would be interesting to know why the two groups intermingle. Is it a case of the “occult” groups sticking together? Or are the natural theological divisions eroding due to a lack of outside interaction and teaching? Could some of these men leave prison as practitioners of a hybrid “Satanic Wicca” because of these experiences?