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A weekly feature highlighting the best music from Pagan, Pagan – influenced, and occult artists. You can hear many of these artists on my weekly radio show and podcast, or you can check out the annual “Darker Shade of Pagan” music special available for download online.


Daemonia Nymphe

Band Bio:
Daemonia Nymphe are trying to recreate the sound of Greek Antiquity. They are working with legendary Greek instrument maker Nicholas Brass. They also use instruments that few of us have heard of: lyra, varvitos, krotala, pandoura, syrinx, keras, seistro, samviki…. besides slightly more ordinary percussion and many male & female vocal chants. Beautiful heavenly female voices are blent with male voices in enchanting chorus, they invoke the Nymphe of the Sea, they celebrate Mother-Earth, they dance under the Moon. The music is hypnotic and ancestral. Daemonia Nymphe is an invocation to the Beauty, to the Past times and the Mythology.

Daemonia Nymphe web site.

Song download:
Sample clip of “Hymn to Bacchus”
Sample clip of “Ida’s Daktyls”
Sample clip of “Dance of the Satyrs”
Sample clip of “Summoning Divine Selene”

“Daemonia Nymphe means ‘goddess nymph’ and this album is an invocation to beauty, past times and mythology, celebrated in nine balanced and entrancing tracks of male and female vocals, chants, spoken word and recreated ancient instrumentation.”Fluxeuropa

“The music of Daemonia Nymphe though deeply rooted in historical and ancient Greek traditions is not laden with the many negative connotations of historical music. Rather Daemonia Nymphe has found a middle road where modernity and archaic tradition meet in a fusion of creativity and sound. Elements of ritual music, neoclassical, and neofolk influences can be heard running throughout the music. Chants, singing, drums, and beautiful stringed instruments join with wood wind instruments in a passionate play of spirit and music.”Heathen Harvest

“This is such a unqiue project it is difficult to reference the work of Daemonia Nymphe with that of other artists. The strength of the band is that they combine skilled and subtle musicianship with precise rhythms, veering in scope from almost dream like pleasantness as evident in tracks such as ‘Summoning Divine Selene’ through to mesmerising dance as in ‘Hymn to Bacchus’. Daemonia Nymphe invoke a romantic vision of Anceint Greece which embraces more than the pastoral idyll which inspired the English poets of the 19th century, but one that draws on the dynamic of classical paganism, the intricate esoteric mysteries of the loss of self, associated with Dionysius and Pan. Their work is a fitting tribute to the impact that Hellenic culture has had on Europe.”ZY World

My Two Cents:
Much like the band Chirleison I profiled earlier, Daemonia Nymphe draw their inspiration from the ancient Greek world. Daemonia Nymphe, however, take that inspiration to the level of full immersion into the music, poetry, and aesthetics of the Hellenic period. This is music made by true believers who are serious about a Hellenic revival. That passion comes through in their music, making Daemonia Nymphe one of the shining stars of modern Pagan music.

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Jason Pitzl-Waters