Judge Recused in Subgenius Custody Case

Rachel Bevilacqua, a member of the Church of The Subgenius who was declared mentally unstable and unfit to mother by a judge in a custody case due to blasphemous photos of herself at a Subgenius event, has been cleared to release the official transcript (.pdf file) of the custody hearing. While the alleged “pervert” comments and the final ruling are not in the official transcript (surprise, surprise) there is plenty in the transcript to show a biased judge with an axe to grind.

“Since you’re such a big organization devoted totally to humor, I would really like to learn more about it so find the funniest picture and then explain the joke to me. How about the Barbie doll that’s being crucified with the swastikas on the nipples, is that a pretty good one?”Judge Punch (p43)

Rachel Bevilacqua with son Kohl

The day after the transcript was released it was learned that Judge Punch recused himself from the trial a week before, and is currently “out of town”. The case will now be re-assigned to a judge from a different county. While the removal of Judge Punch is good news, the case is far from over and it remains to be seen if the new judge will be able to separate a mother’s participation in Subgenius events from her actual ability to mother and provide a stable home. For ongoing updates on this case and contact information see Modemac’s page.

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