Isn’t It Already A Musical?

The Scotsman reports that Robin Hardy, director of the original movie version of “The Wicker Man” is “very committed” to making a musical production of the film for the stage.

All together now! Sumer Is A-Cumen In…

If you are anything like me the prospect of a musical version of the film may fill you with glee. Drama critic Dr Steve Cramer discusses the pluses and minuses of bringing this particular film to the stage.

“There is a lot of theatricality in the film: the masks, the pagan rituals. In that ways it lends itself to the stage. On another level, the realities of a stage adaptation could detract from the intimate drama of a man fighting his own demons. The original score music was actually composed by an American not a Scot. But nonetheless he really captures a sense of authenticity. Musicals are generally associated with big orchestral numbers, a factor seriously lacking in the original film.”

In addition to this tantalizing news, Hardy’s book update of The Wicker Man theme entitled “Cowboys for Christ” is coming out in the UK on May 1st (naturally).

“Beth and Steve, two virgins promised to each other through the silver ring thing, set off from Texas to enlighten the Scottish heathens to the ways of Christ. Meanwhile in the Scottish border village of Tressock, Beame sharpens his taxidermist’s tools and preparations for the May Day feast get under way. The siren, Lolly, is sorting out the inquisitive and orgasmic Orlando Furioso (undercover DC). Sir Lachlan Morrison, Laird and chairman of Nuada Nuclear power station, is on the hunt for the Queen and her Laddie to fulfill a horrifying pagan fertility ritual. Ripping through the themes of religion, paganism, power, sex and sacrifice “Cowboys for Christ” builds up to its gruesome, excruciating climax under the terrifying imagination of Robin Hardy.”

A film version of the book is set to start shooting Spring 2006 and will star Christopher Lee, Vanessa Redgrave, and Sean Astin. This is all very heartening news for those dreading the Nicolas Cage remake. This little film really seems to have become a part of our cultural heritage.

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