Greeks Free To Worship The Old Gods

Back in 2004 a documentary appeared called “I Still Worship Zeus”. The film highlighted the struggles of native Greeks to gain the freedom to worship the old gods of Greece. Greece, despite being a modern democracy has denied their Pagan citizens the same religious freedoms and protections as (Orthodox) Christians, Muslims, or Jews. But it looks like the efforts to de-criminalize the worship of the Greek gods is finally bearing fruit.

Religious leader of the Greek Pagan organization Dodecatheon.

After worshipping in secret for years, a Greek court has recently ruled in favor of worshippers of Greek deities.

“Greek court allowed association of worshippers of ancient Greek deities to be set up. At the moment Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Athens, Hermes, etc. are being worshipped by 100,000 Greeks. Until now Ministry of Culture banned them from conducting public worship at archeological sites and their gatherings were often secretive. Greek Orthodox Church is severely criticizing worship of ancient deities.”

This is a major step in a country that is politically dominated by the Greek Orthodox Church. Finally one of the richest sources of Europe’s pre-Christian heritage has allowed modern Hellenes and Pagans the right to honor the old gods and to practice openly.