The Otherworldly Enya

Slate profiles a favorite musical artist for many modern Pagans (and all other sorts of “spiritual” folks) Enya.

“Who is Enya? More to the point: What is she? It’s a question you can’t help but ask of the 44-year-old singer from County Donegal, Ireland, who, over the past 20 years, has carved a niche as popular music’s faerie queen. She’s slathered her songs in otherworldly reverb, overdubbed her voice into angelic choirs, and appeared in music videos gliding through mist-shrouded landscapes. When we last heard from her, in 2002, she was crooning songs on the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack?in Elvish. On the cover of her new album, Amarantine, she gazes out with big dewy moon eyes, wearing what appears to be a spinnaker. Search beneath its billows and you would undoubtedly find a pair of wings and a wand.”

Her latest gimmick seems to be creating her own language to sing in, “Loxian”. A language that is supposed to be somewhat alien in nature. One wonders if she was inspired by Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Ros who sing in the made-up language of “Hopelandic”.

Jason Pitzl-Waters