Pagan Vets

In honor of Veterans Day, why not join the Pagan Headstone Campaign so that Pagan and Heathen vets can have their religious emblems carved onto their headstones?

“At this very moment, the Department of Veterans Affairs and its National Cemeteries Administration refuses to grant Pagan veterans the same respect that it shows to members of the Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Moslem faiths. It refuses to grant Pagan veterans the same rights it grants to such groups as the Native American Church of America, Konko-Kyo, Sufism, Tenrikyo, the American Humanist Association and even Eckankar and the Atheist Association of America. Each of these groups, along with several others, has achieved the right for members of their faiths to have an emblem of spiritual belief placed on veterans’ headstones. We, as Pagans, do not have this same right, although we have applied several times. This is a clear instance of religious discrimination by a government agency operating under a President and Commander-in-Chief who, as Governor of Texas, advocated the immediate discharge of all Pagans from the US Armed Forces and who did not believe that what we shared was even a real religion.”Rev. Charles Arnold, HP

“We want people to prove that there is a viable organization. … We’re not going to willy-nilly approve emblems until there is a need.”Anissa Alford, director of communications for the VA’s National Cemetery Administration

My best wishes to all our Pagan and Heathen veterans.

Jason Pitzl-Waters