Saving Souls One Crappy Comic At A Time

One of the main reasons trick-or-treaters don’t stop at known “fundie” houses on Halloween night is because they know they will be given stuff like this…

Drawn in a psuedo-manga style “Hairy Polarity and the Sinister Sorcery Satire” will help lead children to Christ by depicting Pagans as kidnapping drug-pushers preying on young Harry Potter fans.

It is all part of a site called “Truth For Youth” (catchy, no?) which provides comic books dealing with the evils of abortion, rock music, and (of course) evolution. They also have missions to “smuggle” Bibles into schools to be handed out to fellow students and are rasing money to send Bibles to teenagers relocated by Katrina!

It is all part of the Tim Todd Ministries. He loves to entertain the kids, and has a pretty good relationship with G-D. I’m totally a big fan now, just like Jay Allen over at The Zero Boss and The Accordian Guy.