The Perks of Being In Power

From a letter sent to the Bradenton Herald:

“Can you imagine what would happen if a group of Pagans decided to nonviolently protest a Christian gathering by dragging a large pentacle through it? Or by standing and invoking the Goddess and God to open the Christians’ eyes to another viewpoint besides their own? It would not be tolerated.”

No it wouldn’t. These hypothetical Pagan protesters would be arrested, or mobbed the minute they came close to doing something like this. If their town was small enough and in the “wrong” part of the country the lives of the protesters would be ruined.

Simple things that Christians take for granted is often a struggle for modern Pagans. Pagan veterans are still denied a religious engraving on their military headstones. A right granted to 35 other faith tradtions in America.

“We want people to prove that there is a viable organization. … We’re not going to willy-nilly approve emblems until there is a need.” – Anissa Alford, director of communications for the VA’s National Cemetery Administration

Imagine if they had said that to a bigger faith group with more influence. Imagine the headlines! Wiccans get this flack because we are easy targets. We are big enough to get noticed, but not big or organized enough to be immune from the ongoing potshots from certain Christian elements. We are the “PC” villian (along with secular society) for conservative Christians now that bashing other large monotheisms is considered gauche.

“Hour of the Witch author Steve Wohlberg asserts, “There is an intense war raging between good and evil that has been in progress since the beginning of time. Most people agree and have witnessed the effects of evil in our society. Hurricane Katrina has unwittingly highlighted that war on the streets of New Orleans.” Is there a heated controversy between Christianity and Witchcraft also? And is this part of a larger conflict between right and wrong? Mr. Wohlberg says yes to both questions.”Glenn Wagner, G Media Resource

The perk of power is that you get to be the bully, you get to hinder the progress of other faiths you don’t like. You get to print lies and slander without much hassle from the general public or mainstream media. But times change. There was once a small outsider faith that nobody thought would come to power. But a couple key conversions changed the course of history.