Nice Costume!

Stumped for costume ideas this Halloween? Why not dress up “Wiccan”? No effort is required according to Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Kirby.

“Maybe I should dress up as a nouveau witch. Wicca is fashionable enough these days that the costume wouldn’t be a lot of work. The cone-style hat, black dress, and pointy shoes are out. You can get a modern witch’s costume off the rack at Sears.”

Honestly, people don’t dress up as a “Christian” for Halloween, they dress up as Christian monks or Catholic priests (or Jesus). So if you are going to go “Pagan” to your costume party I expect you to go all out! I want horns (or triple-goddess circlet), tons of gaudy ritual jewelry, a velvet robe and a giant staff. I’ll at least appreciate the effort then. “Sears”. Of all the nerve. Everyone knows Pagans prefer Target.

Jason Pitzl-Waters