Just A Phase I’m Going Through

All the cool kids are doing it. Converting to Paganism that is. At least that is the word from Justin Martin at The Nicholls Worth.

“Our forefathers traveled over large bodies of water in tiny boats to escape religious persecution. Do you think they considered their respective religions a simple choice? Kabbalah. Scientology. Druidism. Wicca. New Age. These and countless others are commonly considered fad religions, things hipsters talk about when they want to sound spiritual. But that is hipsters taking for you something that is meaningful and turning it into processed garbage. Most major religions can escape the label of fad. That is until some marketing genius designs a bracelet with the letters W.W.J.D. on it. Then it is a fad…So, choose wisely my friend. You could be stuck with your decision for eternity.”

Good to know that “hipsters” think my faith is the bomb-diggity. I didn’t know Scientology or the Neo-Kabbalah-ism of Madonna was considered “cool” by the kids. Since both those cults/faiths require significant lettuce to participate. But hey, being a Pagan is free baby! According to experts we provide that divine experience with no door charge!

William Ellis, a professor of English and American studies at Penn State Hazleton, said “experience-based” faiths ? energetic and hands-on Pentecostalism, for example, and even neo-paganism ? are enjoying the fastest growth. “People want to feel their faith these days, not just think it,” he said.

So just because the kids are into Wicca or Druidism doesn’t mean they are making a bad choice. That “processed garbage” may be healthful compost, you feel me?

Jason Pitzl-Waters