Interview A Wiccan Season

October brings many things. Fall colors, cooler weather, orange and black decorations, and of course the token interview with a “real live” Witch for Halloween.

October is the month where modern Paganism gets more press than at any other time. Reporters, looking for a fresh reporting angle on seasonal stories, ask several Wiccans, Witches, and a variety of other Pagans to give a quick sound-bite sized quote on their faith. The results as you can imagine, are mixed.

“It’s a really beautiful, female-centered religion. If more people took the time to learn about it, I don’t think there would be so much fear around it.”
Mary Dale, interviewed by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“Right Reverend Pierre C. “Peter Pathfinder” Davis, archpriest and founder of the Aquarian Tabernacle Wiccan Church in Washington, D.C., said most main-stream religions believe in God as a masculine authority figure. Wiccans, however, believe it makes more sense for the world to have been created by a god and a goddess, he said.”Ikechukwu Enenmoh, Staff Writer, Iowa State Daily

“Identifying as a witch is, in the first instance, more about finding out other people who have similar beliefs; it’s like anything where there’s defined rules or defined descriptions of something, you can say ‘ah yes, I am that thing…’ you know, I’m a woman because I have an X and Y chromosome [sic.] and various other bits and pieces,”‘Veronica’ interviewed by ABC New England

“With Christianity, the divine is there to be revered and feared, but as pagans, you are hands-on. You’re getting in with the god and goddess,”Jeremiah Crisp interviewd by The Indiana Daily Student

“People who have an interest in witchcraft or alternative religion have a more inward approach. The monotheistic religions all have books which tell them about God and his rules. I approach Wicca by meditating on who the god or goddess is to you.”Merlin Ravensong (aka Todd Richardson) interviewed by The South End Newspaper

“A major part of Wiccan belief is that things need to be healed. I don’t see the difference between a Wiccan act of charity and a Christian act of charity.”Lynne Kassirer (AKA Oona Divine) interviewed by The Patriot News

“We do have god and goddess, but really it is a religion that allows us to get back to nature and what we can learn from it,”Cassandra Wolff, interviewed by The Daily Trojan

That’s from only half of October! Wait till we get to Halloween week! Then you’ll see even more, plus maybe a few local TV shows to boot. Maybe the reporters interview the Witches every year because the answers keep changing!

To avoid giving off-the-cuff answers that may be taken out of context, be sure to read this guide to informing the media or point reporters to this page. It will make you and our faiths look a lot better in the long run.

Jason Pitzl-Waters