I Really Want This To Happen!

The Bishop of Bolton, the Rt Rev David Gillett is worried that Hallowe’en is becoming too “Pagan” to be celebrated by good and decent Christians.

“There has been a widespread increase in New Age spiritualities and connections with dark occult happenings have surfaced in certain areas,” he says. “Hallowe’en has, in many ways, reverted to its pre-Christian days.”

He wants to create a new holiday for Christians. “Lite-Nite”. No. Really.

“Hallowe’en has become associated with the occult and should be reclaimed by Christians and even renamed “Lite-Nite”, a Church of England bishop says.”

I really, really, want for Christians to celebrate “Lite-Nite”. I fully endorse this. Please Christians, stop celebrating the sinful, Paganistic Hallowe’en. Instead you should all gather for “Lite-Nite”. You can sing “Lite” carols, and drink apple cider. It should be great FUN.