The Dark Arts

Caladan Gallery in Beverly, MA is presenting a group juried exhibition dealing with Halloween/Samhain entitled “Myths, Mystery and Ritual: A Portal into the Night”.

“This exhibition is a celebration of the Season of Samhain, or All Hallow’s Eve. One finds an eclectic variety of interpretation, from the ironic to the mysterious, or many combinations thereof! There are recognizable symbols and architypes, as well as more enigmatic and elusive ones. There are very emotional responses, as some identify very wholly with the beautiful reality of this Season’s threshhold. Some attach themselves to the humor inevitably associated with the Season, as if to stave off the natural progression of the Season which follows! (Namely Winter, which some associate with death and decay! But in reality, is a season of replenishment and rest…)Whatever a viewer responds to in this exhibition, it will prepare him/her for the powerful energy of All Hallow’s Eve!”

I’m quite fond of the collage by artist Dan Albers entitled “Two-Eleven Apocalypse, Pomona and Satan”.

art by Dan Albers

“Right now it is autumn, so I chose to deal with themes of Halloween, the Mexican Day of the Dead, as well as the forgotten Festival of the Harvest which deals with the goddess Pomona. This collage of death and rebirth can be seen in the change of day into night as well as summer into autumn.”Dan Albers

The rest of it is worth a look as well. Those of the Pagan persuasion may enjoy the works of Anna Bruinsma, Tatyana Kuznetsova, and Gina Lopata.