Blessings This Samhain

Tonight and tomorrow is when most modern Pagans celebrate Samhain (Asatruar have two similar holidays Winternights & Einherjar’s Feast). Samhain is the start of the winter and the new year in the old Celtic calendar. This is a time when the ancestors are honored, divinations for the new year are performed, and festivals are held in honor of the gods. It is a time of final harvest before the long winter ahead. It is perhaps the best-known and most widely celebrated of the modern Pagan holidays.

In honor of Samhain I present a list of prominent modern Pagans who have passed on this year. Feel free to include them in your personal litany for the dead.

Asphodel Long
, Goddess activist, Writer, Teacher, Feminist Theologian.

Elisabeth Pepper, writer and publisher of “The Witches? Almanac”.

Felicitas Goodman, academic involved in the anthropological reconstruction of shamanism.

Olga de Alaketu (Olga Francis R?gis), Candombl? high priestess of the temple Il? Maroi? L?ji.

Monica Sj??, artist, writer and important figure in the goddess spirituality movement.

On a more personal note, I would like to add to that list Dr. Sjanna Johnston, an important priestess in my own life.

For a more extensive list check here.

For a list of notable deaths in 2005 check here.

In addition to these deaths, one can’t forget the 2240 American troops who have given their lives in service, and the over 27,000 Iraqi civillians who have died since the start of the war. The 1,302 deaths from Hurricane Katrina, and the 49,739 confirmed casualties (with estimates climbing as high as 100,000) of the Kashmir earthquake.

Finally, in honor of Samhain I have produced a two-hour show of seasonally appropriate music on my radio show. You can either subscribe to the podcast feed here, or download the file directly here. Here is the playlist for the show.

Playlist for 10/30/05
Special Samhain Show

Hexentanz – Midnight Procession
Faith and Disease – Beneath These Trees
Unto Ashes – Witches Rune
The Moors – The Hunter/Cernunnos
Loreena McKennitt – All Souls Night
Faith and The Muse – Hollow Hills
Zoar – Winter Wind
Kate Bush – Waking The Witch
Falling You – Moth and Flame (Sadness of the Witch)
Kitty Gallagher – Keen For A Dead Child
Hungry Lucy – Goodbye
Incus – Dead Wood
Tertium Non Data – When The Levee Breaks
Rhea’s Obsession – Memento Mori
Mediaeval Baebes – How Death Comes
Garmarna – Vengeance
The Dreamside – Spin Moon Magic
Tom Waits – November
Hannah Fury – And Your Little Dog Too
Nosferatu – The Witching Hour
Ego Likeness – Water To The Dead
Frank The Baptist – Silver Is Her Color
Dead Can Dance – The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Arcana – In Search of the Divine/Le Serpent Rouge
Hexentanz – Dirge to the Deceased

Happy and festive Samhain, Halloween, D?a de Muertos.

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Jason Pitzl-Waters