Blair’s Witchy Wife

Is the Prime Minister of Britain’s wife a Witch? A new book by right-wing tabloid journalist Paul Scott entitled “Tony and Cherie: A Special Relationship” tries very hard to paint Cherie Blair as one.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

“Cherie carries a piece of A4 paper with strange-looking symbols depicting air, fire and earth…Scott claims that before any important meeting, Cherie unfolds her paper sheet of symbols and places a glass of water in the middle in a process known as “casting a circle”, which creates a sacred space and an “iridescent dome or positive, protective energy”.”

From The Telegraph:

“Scott’s book claims that Mrs Blair was disappointed in her own political ambitions, obsessed with money and caught up in weird New Age practices…Mrs Blair has borrowed a practice from white witchcraft and on a regular basis she casts a circle, a deeply symbolic act in magic, to create “sacred space”…Mrs Blair submitted herself to a New Age sexual technique before becoming pregnant with Leo”

Her interest in New Age and “White Witchcraft” most likely stems from her relationship with lifestyle guru Carole Caplin and has created both humorous tabloid fodder and shady controversy for some time.

Is she an adherent of some form of Pagan Witchcraft? Most likely not (more likely in the vein of Nancy Reagan’s astrology fixation). But it is fun to imagine the ramifications of a head of state (or wife of a head of state) converting.