Where is Your Tribe?

Earlier in the year I took a look at Paganism on MySpace that oh-so-hip (and now owned by Fox) social networking tool. It has since become popular as a promotional tool for bands and other popular forms of media (and yes I do have an account). I now turn my attention to another rising star in the social networking universe: Tribe.net.

When you sign up for an account you assign yourself to a geographic region and after filling in your personal data and tweaking your account (really quite flexible, you can add your blog feed and del.icio.us links to your profile) you can “friend” people (but to be listed in your “tribe” they have to add you as well). Once set up you can then join different special-interest communities (called “tribes” here of course). Like any community of human beings religion flourishes amongst the tribes. There are currently 1542 religion-themed tribes (and growing every day no doubt). Not surprisingly for a service born in San Francisco Paganism has a strong presence.

There is a general Paganism tribe (and a “modern” Paganism tribe) in addition to special-interest Pagan tribes like Pagan Parents, Urban Pagans, Celtic Pagans, Wiccans, Pagan Scholars, Asatru, Reclaiming, Feri Witchcraft, and Queer Pagans and many more.

Several Pagan authors and bloggers already have tribe.net accounts including LaSara Firefox, T. Thorn Coyle, Melissa Gira, Lee Gilmore, M. Macha Nightmare, and (of course) myself. So if you are in to participating in online social networks why not join a tribe? At the very least they aren’t owned by Fox.