Seasons of the Witch

The Wicca-Pagan Times has an in-depth and essential interview with Mike Nichols. Nichols is famous for his writings on the Witches’ Sabbats which have recently been collected as a book for the first time.

I find Nichols’ reminiscences about the early days of American modern Paganism highly enlightening. It shows a very different view of “Pagan community” than we experience now.

“There was no Pagan community in those days. I was solitary because that was my only option. When I first decided to become a Witch, I knew of no other person who had made that choice. I was totally alone. It wasn’t until I got to college that I would even meet another Witch. In my freshman year, I probably met two or three others, also solitary. And by the time I graduated, I had probably met no more than a dozen who seriously claimed Witchcraft as their spiritual path. There were no covens other than the ones my friends and I tried to form. And although I had evidence of older covens in the area, I was never able to make solid contact with them.”

Nichols was one of the first Pagans on the Internet, and his writings on the Wiccan holidays are ubiquitous throughout the web. This new book should be an excellent tool for those seeking a good understanding of how modern Wiccans conceive their holidays. If this interests you at all be sure to order a copy for yourself. If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out Daven’s and Chas Clifton’s thoughts on the Nichols’ work and his new book.