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Christian author Catherine Sanders has responded to my post on her book “Wicca’s Charm”. I felt the book was yet another (albeit kinder and gentler) evangelical criticism of modern Paganism complete with tips on how to lead people away from our faith(s) and back to Christianity.

Sanders writes:

“The book took a long time to write and a lot of thought went into it. If you read it cover to cover, then I think we can have a constructive discussion about it. I wrote this book in order to foster better dialogue between Pagans and Christians. It might be that neither side is interested, but I think they should be.”

I question how a good dialogue between Pagans and Christians can be created by appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show. To say he had a disrespectful opinion and attitude towards our family of faiths would be fair.

I’m also concerned by the review blurbs on the publisher’s promotional page for the book. There seems to be a theme among them.

“She holds a clear conviction that authentic Christian belief is a valid response to Wiccan yearnings in tension with the humble recognition that Christian compromise with materialistic rationalism and individualism in western culture has driven many to take up dangerous alternatives.” – Peter Harris, director, A Rocha International

“Sanders encourages Christians to dialogue with neo-Pagans, clarifying points of common ground, simultaneously pointing out with compassion and sensitivity the inadequacies of Paganism to fulfill their deep and legitimate longings.” – Mardi Keyes, co-director of L’Abri Fellowship in Southborough, MA and author of Feminism & the Bible

“Wicca’s Charm is a must read for parents! A fascinating account full of stories and personal interviews, Catherine Sanders’ book provides wonderful insight into why young people seek alternative spiritualities and what Christians can do about it! – Susan Alexander Yates, best selling author of several books including, And Then I Had Teenagers: Encouragement for Parents of Teens and Preteens

Dialogue does not begin with tips on how to lead us back to Christianity. Dialogue begins with mutual sharing from both parties. Is the author going to do any interviews with Pagan magazines or media outlets? I wonder if she sent a copy to Kerr Cuhulain? Because he did a review of one of Sanders’ earlier works “Breaking the Spell: The Hidden Traps of Wicca” (read the whole thing) and wasn’t impressed with the level of dialogue at that point. He “spoils” the ending of this one.

“It’s Your Choice. God has made clear that Wicca is dangerous and incompatible with Christianity. He made His creation for us to enjoy as a reflection of His character but not to be worshipped instead of Him. Wicca may seem attractive, magical and different, but it does not give eternal life and a relationship with the God of the universe. If you choose Wicca, you cannot choose God as well, because He will not tolerate worship of anything but Himself. He is perfect and holy. Study God’s word and you will find that a life centered on the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who gave His life for us at Calvary is better than anything we could ever find here on earth.”

In any event, Ms. Sanders if you are serious about dialogue I’ll be happy to read and review it for my blog audience (which gets plenty of hits). Just send me an e-mail ( and I’ll send you my mailing address.