My UU Day Job

This week has been rather hectic. I work near the U of I campus and the students are starting to come back. As the office manager for The Channing-Murray Foundation (a Unitarian-Universalist campus center) I’m making sure we are ready to reach out to a new crop of students (and other interested community folk). Part of that job has been re-designing our web site (let me know what you think), making flyers to hand out on “Quad Day”, and taking care of the influx of reserved parking on our lot (on top of my regular routine). I’m finding the whole experience strangely spiritual (and not just because the local Pagan Night Out is meeting here this fall).

Maybe it is a sense of service, or that I finally feel like I’m making my mark here. But doing good work satisfies the soul, and maybe this really is my first step towards making my future about religious service. I’m learning skills that will no doubt serve me well for years to come and my voice and opinions are valued by the staff and board of directors. All and all this has been a subtle blessing. Now back to work!

Jason Pitzl-Waters