More Witchcraft Needed

David Thomson writing for The Independent takes an interesting look at the film adaptation of Bewitched. His problem wasn’t the acting, but the movies lack of faith in magic and witchcraft.

“But the worst thing is that Ms Ephron assumes that we all think witchcraft is silly. This just shows you the dangers of being smart and educated – it can divert you from that root of dramas, the determination of people to do crazy things.”

He contrasts Bewitched with the classic (and in his opinion superior) movie Bell, Book and Candle where the issue of the witch’s magic is central and important to the premise of the film.

In other movie news Chas Clifton has a post up that links to an early script review of the Wicker Man remake starring Nicholas Cage. I’m quite troubled by the fact that it sounds like the Paganism in this remake will be less specific and more implied than in the original.

“Whereas the denizens of Shaffer’s SummerIsle worshipped Celtic gods, these inhabitants, as LaBute has said, have more of a “Dionysian vibe.” They are out to appease the gods of nature, making them more earthy crunchy rather than wanton pagans as in the original (but they retain the “wicker man” ritual).”

So Nicholas Cage is going to be killed by Burners?