In Memoriam: Monica Sj??

Yesterday marked the passing of Monica Sj??, an artist, writer and important figure in the goddess spirituality movement.

Monica Sjoo dancing at a Goddess Festival

“The last time I saw Monica, she came for a night to the Earth Activist Training I was coteaching in England. She presided over the ritual we were having that night in her wheelchair, sitting by the fire like an embodiment of the Crone herself. We told stories, of the walk and the Stonehenge ritual, of Greenham and the antinuclear actions of the eighties, of the early years of the feminist spirituality movement. The younger women activists – and the men – listened with rapt attention to a history most of them had never heard. Monica seemed strong, at peace, complete. That is how I will remember her, her silver hair shining in the firelight, her eyes alight. One of the mothers of the women’s spirituality movement is gone. May the Goddess embrace her, take her into her loving arms, and bring her strong, creative spirit around the circle to rebirth. Go if you must, stay if you will, hail & farewell.”Starhawk

“Monica is the kind of crone-woman who inspires the crone in others – the crone who sees and questions, and doesn’t care what others think of her, is sharp and wise and doesn’t accept what is said just because it might be from an extra-terrestrial. She follows her heart in deep questioning and stays with her own sacred authority as she most certainly goes against the grain. She sees the awakening of the Goddess as the answer to the transformation of patriarchy, and she would like to see this transformation take place as soon as possible. So would I. Blessed Be.”Leslie McIntyre, Awakened Woman e-magazine

“Monica Sj??, the great artist whose work is timeless, has presented us with images of ancestors and of the ancient world that nourish and sustain. Searching from within her own heart out into the heart of nature and of memory, sitting with the ruins and that which has been paved over, peering into the abyss and holy well, she has created masterpiece after masterpiece of the human and female soul. Her work is astonishing. Arresting. So moving that, usually, one finds, upon examining it, no need of speech. It has a completeness, in that sense, that much art lacks. We stand before her canvases, often quite large, as before a field of yellow sunflowers or green corn, or the sea. Her gift to us is measureless as is her integrity and implacable dedication to the tending of earth and the psychic health of awakening human beings.”Alice Walker