Conversion Conversation

The Fort Wayne News Sentinel features a guest column from modern Pagan Elizabeth Markley (a member of the Fort Wayne Pagan Alliance) about when evangelism becomes harassment.

“I am a Pagan, so their conversion attempts are annoying, to say the least. Luckily for me, because of my honesty and courtesy toward them, there is usually no problem. Then they decided to prey upon my child. Now I realize that all they were doing was simply sharing their faith with my child, but the fact is that she is a minor, and children do not realize that they can tell such individuals to leave them alone. So out of social fear, my daughter complied with every request they made. She was next door at her friend?s house when they not only pressured her to join in on a prayer, but also told her to fill out a form that they handed to her.”

I have a hard time thinking this kind of underhanded tactic would have happened to the child of a parent who followed a “mainstream” faith. Because we are Pagans we seem to lose the right to respect for how we choose to raise our children. This only underscores the attitude among fundamentalist monotheists that leads to injustices like the now-infamous Indianapolis ruling.