Coming Out To The Parents

A nice essay at Witchvox from a teen Wiccan about the perils of coming out to your Christian parents.

“My parents were not particularly devout Christians; back then we only went to church about once every other week, now we barely go at all. Anyway, I told my mom about my newfound religion, expecting understanding and encouragement. Um?not exactly. She completely blew up at me, saying that Wicca/Paganism/Witchcraft was nothing but lies that ‘some wacko made up.’ I was completely crushed and blown away by her reaction, and even more so by my dad?s, which was exactly the same. He even told me that Wicca was ‘a bunch of hippies dancing around trees.’…We never talked about my religious beliefs again, until just a couple of months ago, when I attempted once again to get them to at least accept me for who I am. Needless to say, that did not turn out so well. They even threatened to send me to military school, which seems just a tad on the harsh side. My advice to any prospective Pagans/Wiccans/Whatevers: Don?t be na?ve like I was and think that just because your parents love you, they?ll understand you. If your parents are very devout Christians (or followers of any other monotheistic, ‘the one and only way’ kind of religion) and you decide to tell them about your religious beliefs, ease them into the idea gently. I really wish I had done that, instead of just dropping it on them all at once. Not just for my sake either. My parents were, and probably still are, genuinely upset and worried about me. I felt really guilty about making them worry, and as a result have seldom talked about that or anything else going on in my life to them.”

A problem not often faced by teen Christian converts I would think.