Wiccan Parenting Ban Update

Since I made my post this morning, about the news of a divorced Indianapolis couple who are prohibited by court-order to teach their child about Wicca, word has spread ’round the Internet.


“Banishing Santa from the public square? That’s kid stuff. An Indianapolis judge won’t let two parents teach their 9-year-old son the principles of Wicca. Blessed be-eeeyotch! Why does the judiciary have so little respect for the Culture of Plant Life? Someone get some urine from a skunk in estrus and put a spell on this non-believer, pronto!” (Thanks to Chalicechick for sending it to them)

God and Consequences:

“Judge Cale J. Bradford, in Indiana, has decreed that a divorced couple can’t teach their son about their religion- Wicca- because the boy goes to a Catholic school. The judge, in his infinite wisdom, wrote a vague decree prohibiting Thomas E. Jones Jr. and his ex-wife Tammie U. Bristol from exposing their son to “non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals.” The judge didn’t define a “mainstream” religion.”

Daven’s Journal (aka Letters From The Editor):

“What the holy hell does this judge think he?s doing? There is legal precident as long as my arm which states that Wicca and many simmilar Pagan religions are, in fact, religions and recognized under the LAW. I mean, I could understand somewhat if this were happening in, say, the backward South like Georgia or Alabama (I grew up in Georgia so I can say this). I could understand it if one of the parents had decided that Wicca was evil and that they didn?t want the other parent teaching their child. I could understand it if a school said “don’t wear the pentagrams”. But a “secret report”? An across the board order by a judge out of the blue? This is discrimination of the worst kind, right up there with the idiot in Alabama who used thousands of dollars of TAXPAYER money to put up a monument to the Ten Commandments and ignored every other faith out there.”

The Wren’s Nest post of the story has over sixty comments and a statement from the father of the child Tom Jones:

“Tom is currently doing interviews but would like me to pass this message along. (This has been picked up by the Associated Press as well as local news stations.) Please stop sending any letters or making any calls to any of the groups associated with this case. There will be a time for it, but this is NOT it. Our lawyer, Ken Falk, Director of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union, fears this will hurt the case more at this point than help it. The Indiana Court of Appeals is reviewing the case. We do not wish to irritate them or any of the other organizations at such a critical time. We greatly appreciate the support of the Pagan community. We never doubted it would happen but are taken aback at how quickly the Pagan community all over the US has rallied behind this situation. We’ve been silently fighting this for over a year and are thankful for the energy boost.”

Even the mighty Atrios has picked up the story:

“In case this isn’t 100% clear, this isn’t a dispute between the former couple, this is a dispute between the divorced couple and the judge. The parochial school their kid attends is Catholic, and apparently he’s the first non-Catholic ever to do such a thing.”

It looks like the word is officially spread. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in spreading it. It looks like the national MSM is going to pick up the story in the next couple of days so I’ll keep an eye out for updates.

UPDATE: UPI has picked up the story and it is being reposted.

Jason Pitzl-Waters