What Starhawk is Doing For Her Summer Vacation

That would be participating in G8 protests in Scotland:

“I’m very excited. I believe this mobilization has the potential to truly demonstrate what we?re for as well as what we?re against, and to send people home with some of the skills and experience they need to create the other world we keep saying is possible. I will be helping to support the organizing in a number of ways. In late May Erik Ohlsen and I are leading a permaculture course, in coordination with local Scottish teachers, to help prepare people to be resources for the design and building of the eco-camp and convergence spaces. I?m also linked with the training collective that has been offering nonviolent direct action trainings in many communities in Britain for the past year. I?ll stay in Scotland for most of June to help with projects and ongoing trainings?with one detour south for a workshop in London at Alternatives (see below for info.) Others from the RANT collective of trainers will also be coming to Scotland in late June, to help support the great work local trainers are already doing.”

More on the protest itself here.