Random Bits

Beliefnet is letting bloggers into heaven. Blog Heaven that is. Most notably for readers of this blog will be Chas Clifton’s blog Letter From Hardscrabble Creek. You can find him (along with Philocrites representing the UUs) in the “Other” section. Congratulations to them both (and to the other religious bloggers on my blogroll who made the cut).

Speaking of Philocrites, he has a great analysis of America’s week-long flag-lowering in honor of the Pope and wonders how other religious leaders will fare.

“Let’s see: If there are 67,259,768 Roman Catholics in the United States and there are 604,800 seconds in a week, then the flag-lowering to church-affiliated-citizen ratio is approximately 0.00899 seconds. If your religion has 67.2 million members in America, you get a full week. Keep these numbers handy the next time a religious leader dies.”

Zero Intelligence looks at the recent case of a student who was suspended for wearing make-up that he says is part of his Wiccan practice. (Thanks to Chas for the link)

“If his black lipstick and red eye makeup were causing a genuine distraction then the school is justified in calling him on it (although a five day suspension is huge overkill for a dress code violation). However, this is a school in California, self-styled land of self expression. It is in San Bernardino which has no lack of people expressing themselves colorfully. I strongly doubt that James got any more reaction than “there goes another goth”.”

In other witchcraft-related news God and Consequences asks the question who is Letitia Libman?

“The easy answer is that she’s a staff psychologist who has a hell of a problem- her patients are accusing her of witchcraft. A third patient has filed a lawsuit against the hospital Libman worked at, saying that the psychologist practiced “spells” with patients and had a few… well, nonstandard behaviors, shall we say.”

Finally, did you know that a Pagan had a hand in crafting the language for an Arkansas Anti-Spyware bill? Well it’s true!

Jason Pitzl-Waters