The Effects of Christian Love

Wren’s Nest tells us that alas the Episcopagan scandal has at least one more turn before it ends. Now OakWyse (aka W. William Melnyk) has re-renounced his Pagan spiritual path.

“In a rapid change of heart, a local Episcopal priest is abandoning Druid spirituality – a decision made one day after it was reported that he had renounced his Episcopal ordination and become the founding priest of a Druid group.”

Huh? Wha? This seems a little fishy. I now present a few theories as to what is going on here. I think that this decision seems forced somehow, what “events that have transpired in the last 24 hours” led to this?

Theory #1: For the good of his wife’s ministry

For those keeping track his wife (who submitted the ritual that started this whole mess) remains a Rector at St. Francis in the Fields. Could his coming out as a Druid jeopardized his wife’s position? Did he decide to retract to save her a damaging flood of bad PR?

Theory #2: Stress from fall-out of the decision

Did he receive threats? Did he freak out from too much (negative) publicity? He had posted his phone number on the web site (never a smart move), who knows what happened.

Theory #3: We Pagans (and Christians) have been had!

This theory comes from Ed Hubbard (of Witch School fame).

“Watch this guy carefully. If I have it right, and my information is true, this guy had a crisis in the last 24 hours. A Crisis with a check and some zeros in it, and a book deal. That’s the hidden buzz that he is going to write a tell all book, as these types of books are getting to be big business [in the] Christian Community.”

So who knows what is really the deal now. Crass ploy to market a book? Protecting his wife? Melt-down? I suppose I can expect to see at least a couple more stories in this tale before it is truly over.

Jason Pitzl-Waters