A Wiccan decides to read the Bible straight-through and gives his impressions of the good book and how well modern Christians embody it today.

“Sorry man, but I don’t see any Christ in many of the present day “Christian” churches. Instead they remind me of college fraternities where a select, chosen few are welcome and the rest are turned away at the door. I think of the megachurches (here in Dallas there is a church that is commonly referred to as either Fort God or, if they have a festival going, Six Flags Over Jesus) and am forcibly reminded of Jesus throwing the moneylenders out of his Father’s house.”

The post prompted a progressive Christian to muse on how outsiders view Christianity.

“I think this article by a Wiccan responding to the gospels is fascinating. It also reveals quite a bit about how we are or are not perceived as churches. It’s a background that I kind of share, so I have a lot of sympathy. My question is how we can honour this kind of searching without being imperialistic and triumphalistic. How can we affirm what is really of lasting value in this search and gently challenge the stuff that gets in the way of the gospel -and what is the gospel for this person anyway? Sometimes our ‘gospel’ turns out to be nothing of the kind, merely a set of propositions that make sesne to us and which we suppose, therefore, ought to be accespted by others.”

Andii @ Nouslife (the Christian blogger) also tries to make sense of what was really going on with the recent ‘Episcopagan’ scandal.

“I just wonder whether this sense of the counter-message of church structures and legalistic Christianity is part of what is going on in this story of an Epsicopal Priest reaching out to Druids… it’s hard to tell but I suspect that he was/is trying to affrim a real spiritual search which is rightly picking up important things that just do not seem to be representable in the church as it is currently configured and it makes it really hard to know how best to deal with it.”

I personally see this sort of inter-faith blog reading as an important step to real tolerance and understanding (on both sides). Maybe we can start to agree that progressive and liberal Christians have many values in common (and many common causes) with the modern Pagan movement.