“he doesn’t want you for a sunbeam – he wants you for a soldier”

In honor of the second anniversary of the start of the Iraq war I thought I would share a collection of modern Pagan voices on the issue.

“…how have we abandoned our country, our fate, into the hands of callous men who have no compunction about wasting lives? What spell has been cast that fogs our eyes and binds our hands? What lies have we believed? What power have we let slip away? Replace the nightmare with this dream: that in the moment when one world power has amassed the unchallenged military might to make its bid for global empire, its own people rise up and say, ‘No. That is not what we want to be. We don?t want to rule the world over the broken bodies of children. We don?t want blood on our hands. We want children who are sick to have the best possible care, in Iraq and in our own country. We want schools and jobs and parks and hospitals and food for the hungry. We want to join hands with the people of the world, and strengthen the institutions that are slowly and painfully learning to solve conflicts without bloodshed, and teaching us to respect our differences. We know that peace must be built on justice, and we want peace.’ Dream that we wake up, stand up, speak out, not in the thousands but the millions, joining with millions around the world.”Starhawk

“Bush’s foreign policies will create far more Islamic terrorists than we can ever kill, since he is stuck in a Christian Dualist worldview that sees the ‘War on Terror’ as a Crusade ? which makes fundamentalist Muslims see their side of it as a Jihad, like those they have been fighting for centuries.”Isaac Bonewits

“We also hold the opinion that the administration’s case for war is unjustified in connection with the War on Terrorism. Our belief is that the proposed military actions against Iraq force an agenda that would result in massive casualties among the innocent, do irreparable harm to the stability of the Middle East, invite further reprisals against the United States and its interests, and add impetus to further dependence on and exploitation of non-renewable resources.”Order of Whiteoak (Ord Na Darach Gile)

“The only way Bush can get Americans to support his war effort is to bypass logic, reason, and morality, and appeal directly to emotional gut reactions. If he makes it sound like Hussein is the embodiment of evil, that America will suffer personal, immediate harm, and that we’re the saviors of the world, we might go for it. And just in case we’re starting to question things a bit too closely, he’ll grab hold of 9-11 and yank our emotional chain some more. So… we’re going to war why? Wage peace. It’s harder than waging war, but the results last longer.”Flame RavenHawk

“In view of recent developments involving world warmongers, and the shedding of innocent blood which has ensued as a result, our cry for peace today must be interpreted as a desire rather than a declaration of fact. Towards the end of last year when it was clear that war in Iraq was imminent, the Gorsedd of Bards unanimously protested against such action.”Robyn Lewis, Archdruid of the Welsh Gorsedd

“I therefore have to laugh at anyone who says that oil isn’t the primary reason we’re there. It is THE CENTRAL REASON for the US going into Iraq! The so-called ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that Saddam has (1) were supplied by us during the Iran-Iraq War in the first place; and (2) at this point can barely fire outside of Iraq, much less aim at the US. The Bush Administration is so dishonorable with their disinformation and lies. Yuck! I protest this so-called “war”! Anybody else care to send curses to the Republican Party?”‘Asatru in Arizona’

“This country once stood for human rights and freedom, but now stands for aggression and imperialism. The final nail in the coffin of what was once a proud and just country will be hammered in once the first bombs start falling on Iraq. It?s with sadness that I will morn the lose of a once noble country. It?s sad that the ones who perpetrated 9-11 have succeeded in killing what was once America, not because of the destruction of the towers in NY. The reason what was once America has been lost is because the people of this country have given in to the dark side that is fear and hatred. Fear brings blindness. Blindly now America is being led by Bush and company further into the path of the dark side.”Volmar Wyrd

Frankly I don’t buy the rebranding exercise about the spread of “Democracy” in the Middle-East is due to the “Bush doctrine”, any more that I believe that the Iraqis will one day thank us for all the “freedom” we have given them. In the end I fear our meddling in situations we don’t bother to understand may have the opposite effect than the one we were hoping for. I think that any stability that does form in the future will not make our actions suddenly justified or just. I pray for the safety of our troops and wounded military, I pray for those who have died in our service, and I pray for those who have died or were tortured in the name of freedom. Peace.

Jason Pitzl-Waters