Being Proactive

Leave it to a certain Hoosier Heathen to not mince words. Not wanting to create any Schiavo-esque controversy in the case of an accident he lays his cards on the table.

“I’m going to say this in as public a way as I know how: if I’m ever diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state and remain so over a decade, pull the fucking plug! Don’t let some possessed family member prolong my existence for some stinking principle.”MacRaven

Since we are feeling blunt (and emotions in general on this issue are running high). Let me point out that this whole situation is being used as a political football and the top Republicans who are making this into a national priority are only “pro-life” when it suits them to be so.

Finally for you fans of nuance you can read my own musings on euthanasia from a Pagan perspective.

Jason Pitzl-Waters