Top Ten

The top ten Pagan related news stories of 2004 (in my humble opinion).

1. Darla Wynne and the ongoing drama of public prayer at a South Carolina city council. This one has it all. Drug dealers, religious intolerance, court battles and a possible trip to the supreme court!

2. Da Vinci’s code and the hidden goddess. The hugely successful book takes a couple hundred pages to spell out what we Pagans knew all along. The feminine divine was suppressed by the early church. It seems that most of America like their goddess worship wrapped up in Catholic conspiracy theories.

3. God Against The Gods. Jewish author discovers polytheism may not have been such a bad idea. Controversy (and compliments) ensue.

4. Pagan religion really hits the mainstream when a pop-star Wiccan and a Voodoo Priestess star as two of the “freaks” in the SciFi channel reality show “Mad Mad House”.

5. The Pagan Olympics! Much ink was spilled on the Pagan history of the Olympics this year, especially considering its return to Greece.

6. Starhawk hits every major protest and as a consequence hits the newswires more than any other modern Pagan.

7. The “Episcopagan” scandal. A husband and wife who are both ordained in the Episcopal church are found out to also have been members of a prominent Druid group. Controversy and witch-hunts ensue.

8. Pagan Politics. Modern Pagans were more involved in the political process this election year than I have ever seen them.

9. Asatru and polythesim in prison. A case is going before the Supreme Court in 2005 that will decide the fate of religious freedom for incarcerated members of minority religions. The decision could also end up having far-reaching effects on other related rights (like property ownership).

and tied for number ten…

10. Finally, Bob Jones III let the world know of America’s “reprieve from paganism” on the occasion of Bush’s election and much ink was spilled on the subject. Pagans already living in America are perplexed that they had an agenda and that it was in effect up to this point.

10. Pagan cultures featured prominently in popular film this 2004 (to mixed critical results), witness the pageantry of Troy, King Arthur and Alexander.

Jason Pitzl-Waters